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Consider Color Diamonds for a Change

Tuesday, April 17th, 2007

More people are choosing to use color diamonds in engagement, wedding, and other types of rings and jewelry. Decisions around diamonds can be challenging and there are many different factors that go into the choice. Diamond color always plays an important role in this choice, even for white diamonds because color shadings are not desired for those diamonds.

Fancy color diamonds come in a range of colors, including yellows, purples, greens, blues, and pinks. Here, color is both accepted and desirable. Fancy color diamonds make an alternate choice to the more commonly seen white diamonds. This means that you’re jewelry will stand apart and make people take notice.homemade inflatable tent

Color can occur in diamonds for a number of different reasons. Sometimes trace elements in the diamond will create color. In other cases, radiation can produce color in the diamond as it’s naturally created. Natural colored diamonds are rare and because of this they can be quite expensive.

Although inclusions are undesirable for white or colorless diamonds, in fancy color diamonds they are wanted because of the unique effects that they can create. Gemologists can sometimes take natural diamonds with some color and manipulate them to create more appealing diamonds. Irradiation and high heat combine to turn some pale or undesirable colors, like brown, into better diamonds.

Synthetic colored diamonds offer another, less expensive option to natural color diamonds. Synthetic stones are natural, but they have been produced in a laboratory instead of occurring in the earth. Because they are artificially produced, the colors are often vibrant.

When shopping for a color diamond, you’ll still need to pay attention to the four C’s, just as you would with a colorless diamond. The 4 Cs are color, cut, clarity, and caret. For color diamonds, the scales on which the diamonds are judged are slightly different than for regular diamonds because of the color element.

For fancy diamonds, color is judged in two ways: the basic hue and the intensity. The more intense the color of the diamond, the more expensive the diamond will be because of its rarity. Many color diamonds have undertones than can either enhance the color or detract from it. Diamonds with complimentary undertones will be more desirable than those with undertones that detract.

Color diamonds often appear in the same shapes and cuts that you’d find other diamonds in. You can find fancy diamonds in oval, princess, round, and radiant shapes most frequently, although they occur in many other shapes and cuts as well. The diamond should have a good cut that shows off the sparkle and color of the stone.

Clarity is less important for color diamonds and small inclusions generally do not detract from the stone. Eye clean fancy diamonds will be fine and higher clarity grades can be pretty rare.

Color diamonds can offer a nice alternative to white or colorless diamonds in just about any type of jewelry. The vibrant colors and diamond sparkle make them an attractive stone. If you’re looking for a unique diamond, think about choosing a fancy color diamond.

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