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3 Mobile Phones – Advantageous To Many

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

With the invention of the contract telephone, the public has encountered new areas of communication and entertainment. Along with this, their usage is now made cheap and affordable due to the introduction of different deals and provide given by network providers. A network is basically the sim given to the individual so that he is able to make use of the calling and messaging features offered by phones. 3 mobile phones are the mobiles that people can use with the server ‘3’. The company is popular and when used with this device is convenient for many people.

Amongst the many networks like Vodafone and Virgin, 3 have also been capable to establish itself as a top server. It has been able to give its users promising and good coverage with phones. This connection functions with all types of mobile phones offered by the companies of Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, BlackBerry and so on. The phones have many attributes that make it a very attractive gadget. They enable people to click pictures, listen to music and even use the internet. What more could on ask for!

3 mobile phones are the contracts that enable people to use the handset of their liking with this network. The two main contracts made available are the pay as you go and pay monthly phones. Payment of dues at the end of the month is the distinct aspect of pay monthly phones. Pay as you go phones, on the other hands, require a user to purchase prepaid vouchers of the certain amount of credit they want to keep in their phones.

The contracts advantage are many. Calls and texts can be done at discounted rates, one can even send a definite number of texts free of charge, and people can even receive free gifts. The gifts include LCD TVs and Nintendo DS.

Reasons To Buy Unlocked Cell Phones

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

There are three main reasons why you want an unlocked mobile phone over one that is locked. In a lot of cell phones there is a small card called a SIM card. This card activates the phone and allows it to operate as a particular number. You can also store your address book contacts on a SIM card. Your phone service simply goes where the SIM card goes. If you buy an unlocked phone, you can take the SIM card and put it in the new phone and your service will work the same.

So what are the advantages of an unlocked phone? First, if you travel overseas you will want to have an unlocked cell phone. You can buy prepaid SIM cards that are designed to work in the country you are visiting. This is often much cheaper than having to deal with out of the country calls through your cell phone carrier and you might find the service more reliable as well.

In some cases, you might get a free phone when you sign up for your cell phone service if you sign a contract. But when your contract expires, you can no longer use your phone because it is locked. If you buy an unlocked phone, you can switch cell phone providers without losing your phone. You’ll just have to get a new SIM card from your provider and then your phone should work fine. An unlocked phone also comes in handy if you have more than one phone.

The other advantage of buying an unlocked phone is that you can give it to someone else or sell it when you are done with it. If you have a nice phone but want to upgrade, there is no reason to simply throw the phone away. If it is unlocked, you can pass it on to your spouse or kids. You can also sell it and put the money towards your new unlocked phone. Having a phone that is unlocked gives you a lot of options, both now and for the future.

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