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Draw Cute and Funny Pictures

Saturday, April 18th, 2009

Anyone can draw a funny caricature picture. It is considered as one of the more simpler kind of art compare to sketching or water-color painting. Besides, due to its simplicity, It is suitable for everyone in different ages. Drawing a funny caricature art basically does not need deep or complicated drawing skills. It isn’t bounded to too many rules and regulations of drawing. This is why caricature arts are greatly welcomed by the people around the world. Many people are willing to pay for the money to learn funny caricature drawing.

Have you ever thought about a special gift such as a personalised caricature for that special gift idea! Why not give a cartoon drawing as a gift? It’s a novel idea and apart from being a unique gift it will bring pleasure and surprise to your family, friends and loved ones.

Hand drawn caricatures from your photos at, by a professional award winning artist based in the UK. Simply choose an image from one of their templates and they add your photo to it as a caricature. All orders are printed in full colour, A3 size (297 x 420mm) and then framed, choose between either silver or black.

If you want full product information before you order, there are many samples of caricatures on the website to give you some inspiration. Also if you want some help in choosing the subject or type of picture, there are templates from an extensive range of caricatures for you to follow – for example sports, anniversary, couples, employment, children, occasions etc. You can choose a background to suit the character – the caricature possibilities are endless!

Your family and friends will now have a great present that will last forever, keep them smiling and they will remember your thoughtfulness for coming up with a completely different and amazing present instead of those old faithful gifts like socks or vouchers! This method of drawing caricatures from photos will encourage you to choose a more adventurous and different caricature gift whenever the opportunity arises – you never know – one day you may receive a caricature of yourself!

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