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Choosing Quality Lab Coats

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

Quality starts with the selected fabric. Higher quality lab coats are made with 100% cotton, allowing the wearer to work comfortably in stressful environments. Better lab coats are made with a high denier fabric, which allows the garment greater durability and helps to maintain its shape when loaded with various medical instruments. You may also find subtle texture and pattern in today’s lab coats – which contributes to improved appearance and durability. In addition, these higher quality fabrics offer a soft hand and crisp finish – increasing comfort and visual appeal.

Sewing is another important factor in identifying a quality lab coat. Today’s lab coats have reinforced seams, bar tacks at stress points and a triangulated stitch on all pocket corners – ensuring that they live up to the punishment of the busy, modern heath care practice or hospital setting.

One should also look for stain resistance in a high quality lab coat. Fabrics treated with DuPont Dual Action Teflon Fabric Protector resist soil and stains, and are emerging as an industry standard. This performance fabric treatment helps to keep high quality lab coats looking cleaner, brighter and whiter – longer.

Comfort and functionality also play a role in determining if you are purchasing a higher quality lab coat. The lab coat should give the wearer a full range of motion and allow any task to be performed effortlessly. Quality lab coats offer large front pockets for essentials and some offer a hidden inside pocket for a cell phone or PDA.

Style also plays an essential role. When it comes to design, modern lab coats are influenced more by fine, tailored clothing, rather than the industrial uniforms of the past. Today, one can wear a lab coat that appears very professional and stylish, while still maintaining the traditional appearance of the medical “white lab coat.”

Most quality lab coat manufactures can be found online and offer no hassle return policies. is suggestion for you. Doctorcoats from Classico are made with fine tailoring techniques. Tailored Patterns realize a comfortable slim-fit, as the white coat is transformed form disposable work wear to a stylish garment that is uplifting to wear. As they hope to provide products of highest quality, each coat is cut and sewn domestically in Japan. And as they do not mass-manufacture their items to avoid damages caused by moisture and sunlight, they appreciate your understanding that it takes few weeks between the order and the delivery.

Their goal for a doctor coat is to be stylish, elegant and they want it to make people happy, confident and spirited giving them a good impression by wearing it. They are using traditional technique as well as valuing the idea of innovation. They will offer doctor coats whose forms are not in its fixed idea.